HLN Viewers Loved the “How My Divorce Saved My Marriage” segment!

Per the HLN Producer, Angela Jones, who shot and produced the “How My Divorced Saved My Marriage Segment” with Lynn Smith!

“Shout out to April Moncrief Why did my social media producer tell me that the web version your @howdivorcesavedmymarriage segment got more than 56k views! counting…still counting! Love it when my work resonates with an audience! But i think the fabulous star/author had a lot to do with it! Thanks lady..Hope this makes your day”! #blessed #56thousandandcounting! #celebritiesdontgetthatmanyhits! #greatguestsequalratings!

A Powerful Testimony! Telling My Personal Story about “How My Divorce Saved My Marriage”with “Write Books That Sell Now”!

How My Divorce Just Went LIVE..again yall! Check out my Amazing Podcast I did with “Write Books That Sell Now”! I sat down with these Amazing women and it was an experience of a lifetime! Check it out here! I’m “Telling My Personal Story”!!! If you have a few minutes, this interview is POWERFUL!



How My Divorce Saved My Marriage is LIVE on HLN Express! Click the link Below!

How My Divorce Saved My Marriage is on HLN this morning! Click the link below and I pray it blesses you all this morning!

So Here it is everyone if you missed me on HLN this morning! Here’s the link to the segment I shot with Lynn Smith on HLN Express a few weeks ago! What an Awesome God we serve! Praying God blesses this segment and all who view it! We’re running through the house over here everyone:)! THIS, is all a GOD thing! This is what we have worked so hard to get to! We want people to know that if you want your relationship back and are willing to put in the work and relinquish the Pride and put it all in God’s hands, Restoration is possible! Ask me how I know! ‪#‎Grateful‬! And Please SHARE this link on your social media sites, email and websites if you feel led to do so. You never know who needs to hear that God is a God Restoration. Thanks again everyone!

And if you haven’t already, please go grab your copy of “How My Divorce Saved My Marriage” at http://www.amazon.com before it’s on backorder…again!




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