When we decided to call it quits and all the papers were signed and the boxes were packed, we thought for a split second, we just made a big mistake!

My name is April Moncrief.  I’ve been married now, not counting the divorce and the marriage, 13 years.  However, if you count the divorce and the remarriage, a total of only 7 years.  My husband and I set out on an incredible journey to love one another, through the good, the bad, for better and for worse but it didn’t happen that way.  We fell madly in love as high school sweethearts, attended college together and later, a different times in our lives, moved to the same city together right out of college.  We lived seperately for years until one day he popped the question.  We were married and a few years after, God blessed us our beautiful twins.  Life was good, no, actually life was “Great”!  Right up until the marriage and the babies!  After the marriage honestly is when we started to experience some “growing pains” but we held our head down & pushed through those tough times.  It wasn’t until the birth of our twins that those issues that we had never dwelt with began to manifest themselves.  Before we knew it, we were divorced with kids! But it’s crazy because when we decided to call it quits and all the papers were signed and the boxes were packed, we had this split second thought that we just made a big mistake!  We were then on a mission to repair our marriage & get our family back!  We didn’t stop until we were finally remarried 9 months after we signed those papers.  My divorce really did save my marriage because it was through the dividing up our entire lives together…even our beautiful twins, that we realized that we couldn’t live with out one another.  We realized that divorce was not going to be our story, definitely not the one we told our kids!  We wanted our family back together and we did everything we knew how (counseling, prayer, dating again, communicating, etc) in order to make that happy.  So we now stand on a mountain top proclaiming that “our” divorce was the best thing that ever happened to us, ever!  My divorce really did save my marriage.