Do You Feel Like This In Your Marriage, or Is It The Total Opposite???

FB_IMG_1514303204603Let’s be real folks, most days in our marriages don’t look like this, but shouldn’t they!?!? Okay, I took this picture cutting up at my Mother in Law’s house after Christmas 3 years ago. I was merely trying to show how high I could jump, you know because I was about to turn 40 or something and I wanted to prove that “I still had some athletic prowess left in me, lol! But in running across it the other day I started thinking, “now this is how I want to feel all the time”! I look so #happy & #proud (that I was able to get my almost 40 year old bones up in the air like that…and lets be clear, it took about 8 tries to even get that high, lol)!

As I was staring at this pic’, trying to remember what was truly going on in my life that day that made me want to capture myself in mid air, flying, nothing holding me or weighing me down, as if I didn’t have a care in the world, I remembered that in that very moment, how crazy in love I was with “Pondy”! I know, I know, hella corny but whatever! Lol! Now it was Christmas morning so you might be thinking, “Oh, he bought her something to make her feel so in love”! Umm, Nope;)! It actually wasn’t bcuz of anything in particular and to be honest, we were so exhausted that day!

We travel home to Alabama every year for the holidays, #EVERYdernYEAR! Lol! We never really stay together when were home, he’s at his moma’s house, me at mine. The kids are somewhere in between both houses or staying with their T Shan. We rip and run the entire time we’re home, spending time & money between both families and we just get so rundown and even sometimes getting into some serious arguments about money, time spent together, the kids, what somebody did or said, you name it. And umm yes, we have been known to #throwdown (arguing, not fighting people) on occasion, lol! But in the midst of it all, we are 2 blessed people!

What I realized is that at the end of the day, I have everything I need in my marriage and so does he. My husband has my back and I have his and we are truly blessed with our #huge and #Crazy families, both sides! No matter what we go through, and we go through some stuff, we have an insatiable unbreakable bond between us! Days are not always perfect in our marriage & I would be scared if they were, but one thing I do know is this is how my husband makes me feel 336 days out of the year and me him!

So I’m thinking, if we got this part right “more than half” of the time, than those other 30 or so days (of the year) when things aren’t going so good, we should be able to fall back on those “happier” 336 in order to push through those “tough” 30 days! Happy New Year! I’m Praying for All Marriages going into 2018! That they be full of life, lots of love and lots of #Communication! “Dude makes me feel like I don’t have a care in the world, most days! Lol!
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