So I know that title may sound a bit disturbing to some but to the majority of my readers, I pray you all get where I’m going with this, lol. #ILITERALLYMarriedmyfather! As most who know me know that I am a true daddy’s girl, always have been! But now let’s be clear, my daddy hasn’t always been a daughter’s daddy. I love my daddy with everything in me but I won’t lie like he’s always been a stand up father. As I got older and began to understand my daddy’s situation and I began to empathize with how he was raised and the things that he saw and/or endured as a young man, I began to “get it”! He “daddied” based on how he was daddied, plain and simple.  You can’t give what you kind of never got. Or, you basically imitate what you saw.

So I forgave my daddy for a lot of things that I felt were honestly him basically being a product of his environment.  So I said all of that to say, to the women out there who instantly go to a negative place when you think of your father, I get it! And I was honestly in the same place for a long time when people would compare my husband to my dad. I would strike back with, “No, my husband is nothing like my daddy”! But that’s because my mind always went to the not so happy memories and images of my father but honestly, my husband IS my father, in so many ways!  What I had to understand was that, it wasn’t the  bad things about my father people were seeing in my husband, but the truly Amazing and heart warming things about my dad that my husband embodies!

My dad is a character!!! He was the first hilariously funny dude in my life and I always say how grateful I am for the ability to LAUGH, not only at myself but umm, achem, at “OTHERS” as well, if truth be told!  LOL! My daddy is CRAY’!!! And will make you pee your pants laughing, my husband, the EXACT same way, EXACTLY, Lol! But it’s not just the silly, funny stuff! His mannerisms are almost identical to my my dad’s!

I mean there have been countless times I’ve said to my husband, “Oh my God, what are you wearing, you smell just like my daddy”. Or, “baby, when you wear that hat like that you look just like daddy”! LOL! I know, its crazy;)!!! But as of late, which is kind of the reason for this blog post, I’ve been noticing more and more “actions” done by my husband that Mimics almost to the tee, “actions” of my daddy in the scariest & strangest ways.

Now mind you, my husband never knew of my dad until he and I met. But as a little girl, my daddy use to carry around a very itty – bitty jar of vaseline in the glove box of his car, in a brown paper bag in the trunk, EVERY WHERE, lol, and he wasn’t sharing it with any of us! No sticky, icky fingers dipping around in “his” personal “grease”, Lol! He would take it out and moisturize his hands and put some on his lips and put it right back in the glove compartment of his car, right in front of my ashy knees and hands, Lol!  I know kind of weird, right; )! And weird because for one, who carries around “Jars of vaseline”!?!?  Especially if you also have the little tube of lip balm in your pocket!!! LOL! Yes, my daddy stayed “greased up”! Lol!

Well, in my cleaning the bathroom this morning,  I was under his (my husband’s) side of the sink, pulling things out and throwing things away and guess what I stumbled upon!?!? That “itty-bitty” jar of vaseline that my daddy use to keep hidden from us! Lol! I just picked it up and began to burst into laughter as tears formed in my eyes;). “Yep, no more denying it”, I finally said out loud to myself, “Peaches, you married your daddy”!

So I wanted to pose the same question to many of you ladies out there, married or “seriously” dating, “Did you Marry, or are seriously dating, your daddy”??? I’m leading with the hashtag, #IMarriedMyDaddy….And I’m showing or telling you HOW I think I married my daddy with a photo or story. And men, you all welcome to get in on the action as well! Yes! Lol! #IMarriedMyMoma! And I want a picture or stories explaining HOW you know this to be true guys;)!  I want to show how eerily important our relationships are with our children because unbeknownst to us, we tend to link up with and later Marry our parents! You know what I mean;).  So  that’s my story yall…and my picture of that very small, itty-bitty jar of vaseline!!! LOL! Happy Monday after Thanksgiving!  Be Blessed in it! #HowMyDivorceSavedMyMarriage #HMDSMM

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