After You’ve Prayed To God for Your Marriage/Family…and He Still Says No…

DSC_1039We all know God to be faithful and trusting and knowing that, if we believe and trust in and on his word, he will deliver on his promises.  After all, everything that I had learned & known about God was that he honored “Covenant”.  Therefore I prayed like a crazy woman for my marriage to be saved.  I fasted and kept repeating to myself all the promises of God and trusting and believing and constantly speaking LIFE over my relationship with my husband and over the family that we had created together.  I wanted “it” more than anything!  But God wanted me, “US”, to have more in our Marriage and in our relationship than either of us could ever imagine.  So when the divorce happened I began to doubt God and berate him with questions of “Why”?  How could he let this happen?  Over time and once the calm and the reality of being divorced set in, God began to show me that sometimes he just says “No”.  I learned that he sometimes overrules our Will because his Will and his Grace are much more sufficient for us than any prayer or fasting could ever be. After the divorce and the remarriage, God showed me that he had already considered the weight of the pain that I was to experience way before the fights and the arguments had even begun.  My prayers, back then, for him to quickly FIX IT we’re going unanswered but not because he didn’t hear me or didn’t care or that I had committed some egregious wrong to make him not answer my prayers, no, it was because he had a much bigger blessing set up for me and my husband and our family.  God couldn’t, and wasn’t going to, just “quickly” fix the problem because it was our struggle and our pain that made our marriage Stronger and so much Better, the second time around.  His No was my opportunity to say Yes….to his Grace.  #MyDivorceSavedMyMarriage


8 thoughts on “After You’ve Prayed To God for Your Marriage/Family…and He Still Says No…

  1. Omg I am in tears over here April God is soo Good and u r a living witness..God bless u for sharing your story;)) #onegreattestimony

    • This is a great testimony on how God will restore things in our lives once we totally submit to him and lean not to our understanding but to his understanding!God is so awesome we just have to trust him and remove self out of the way,Peaches I believe in my heart that by you sharing your testimony that someone else marriage will be saved.

      • Thanks Erica! That’s truly the goal. I had alot of people asking me (and Pondy), “how in the world did yall make it…back together”? So this story is one we “had” to share. For what God is put together, let no man put asunder (pull apart), and that meant me & Pondy (pulling it apart). He saved ours so that we could share the story in hopes that he can move in and save someone else’s. Thank you Erica!

    • Amen & Thanks so much Tracy! God laid this (book) story on my heart to share a couple years ago but I kept fighting & being scared to do so. But I’m HEALED, actually, we’re HEALED and I feel like if we don’t then the blessing that was given to us (him saving our marriage) is for nothing, and it wasn’t. It’s a story I think many should here because he glorifies “him” in the midst of so much pain. I Love you lady! Take care & stay tuned, there’s much more to come.

  2. Very well put! An amazing God story to share, for all to see that God is alive and working and cares about our daily lives. A song we listen to a lot by Jamie Grace, “Beautiful Day”, reminds me that the trials in our lives CAN be like a heavy storm….it washes all the nasty, gritty bugs off the windshield… leaving us with more clarity and better vision, a new perspective. Thanks for sharing, keep sharing…

    • Thanks so much Chantel. God has done an Amazing work not only in my marriage but in me (and my husband) as well. I’m so grateful for the “ugly”, gritty, dirtiness of LIFE. It has truly made way for my destiny. For me to be in this position to tell someone else that no matter how tough it gets, he cares and will do what is best for you. God sustained us in order to help someone else. Thanks again lady! And I hope you support the book as well. My goal is to begin speaking on this topic in churches & hotel conference rooms anywhere God will allow. Thanks again! Big Hugs to you and your family:)!

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