Unexpected “Blessings”???


Okay, now before many of you “comment” on how cute this butt shot is of me & the hubby, LOL, that’s not what this photo is about…although, we do have 2 of the cutest butts ever, LOL! But seriously, the photo is a caught off guard moment taken by our kids who snapped this picture as Herman and I we’re standing in the window of the Drury Inn Hotel in Franklin, (Cool Springs) TN.  We had just checked into the hotel preparing for our weekend of viewing houses.  Yes, this was about to be our new home for the next 5-7 years and we were standing, quietly, in the window, taking in the view of the city but more importantly, thinking it all over.  Unexpected Blessings…or was it?  Were we making the right decision for our family?  Had we prepared enough for the work load and the new roles of responsibilities that we were both about to take on?  We had been through enough stress and uneasiness in the short little 12 years of marriage, we’re we at all ready to put our family through more? A lot of questions & wavering were going through our minds at that very moment the kids snapped this picture of us.  I call it, “A Window Meeting of The Minds” because even though there weren’t a lot of words exchanged in this moment in the window, we were both grappling internally with the same questions.

We wanted to be sure that this was the best move for “Everybody”.  And not however for just one person’s career or to afford the kids a more relaxed environment to grow up in, one like we had, or for someone to be able to “slow down” a bit since that person, whom shall remain “nameless”, LOL, was always complaining about, as much as “SHE” loved it, “Life being too busy”.  This “unexpected” move had to be what everybody wanted.  Was it a blessing or was it the end of us for sure this time because there were going to be many looong work nights for Herman & many daunting & tedious decisions & tasks that I was going to have to take on, alone.  The kids were going to now be 4 hours away from our closest family members instead of 2.  Could this be what God wanted for us?

Well, we talked about it, prayed about it and jumped right in head first!  3 months into one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made as a couple/family and we haven’t looked back.  The move, at the present moment, seems to be exactly what God wanted us to do.  But I won’t lie, there are some days that we both miss home & the normalcy of “Life” as we knew it & the “comfortable” surroundings that we were accustomed to.  Yes, we do have our moments but in the big scheme of things, we now know that “Change” is not always bad!  Scary, definitely!  But only because we wanted to be sure that this was in fact, one of those “Unexpected Blessings”!  And at the present moment, I can confidently say, “we trusted him & he didn’t leave us”.  So “Far” (literally, LOL), so Good yall!

Question, have you ever been faced with a decision that would have not only affected your career but your marriage (pretty scary if you ask me!)?  However, you stepped out on faith & took the road less traveled (meaning, nobody we know would’ve taken the road 65 North to Springhill, Tennessee, LOL, kidding).  And how did it turn out?  #UnexpectedBlessings!  #HowMyDivorceSavedMyMarriage #HMDSMM

4 thoughts on “Unexpected “Blessings”???

  1. I must say through the 20 years we have been married. We have been faced with decisions such as new jobs. The question was will this be a job that will provide for our family without losing our family. Choosing a job has not always been about just having material things. We always wanted to be able to enjoy our children lives watch them grow, enjoy their dance recitals and games. We made the decision to live the way Christ wanted us to. It has cross our mind many times to focus on more money. However, the thought of missing out on such a precious gift ( our children) we choose not to at the time. Well as you can see time has passed by and we are about to embark into a new journey within the next year. The decision we made not taking the higher salary jobs gave us so much more ( life together as a Christian Family) was it easy? No! was there sarcfices? Yes! Did we desire living in bigger houses, driving more expensive cars, taking exotic vacations? YES!!!!! Do we regret? NO!!!!!!!! Our life is preparing us for the next chapter. We are so excited!!!!

    • God bless your testimony Connie! God is good & where he leads, we have to follow in order to benefit from the blessings that he has for us. Obedience is better than sacrifice so I totally feel you on wanting to have those certain material things but quite possibly losing your most important treasures, your family, in order to do so. You know we did NOT want to leave Atlanta but Atlanta had become a distraction for “us” from what God really wanted & needed us to be doing. I’m still waiting on the “purpose” for “WHY” were here but we both will soon understand it, by & by. Love you lady & thanks for those Awesome words!

  2. April I am so proud of you and the decision that you and Herman have made for you and your family! There is always an opportunity no matter where you maybe in your life, it is the decision we make to take the opportunity or to ignore the opportunity. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog post as well as sharing them on my Facebook page and with clients.

    Have a wonderful day and I will keep my eye out for the next blog post!

    • Thank you soooo much Sandy! To God Be The Glory moma:)! We’re here, because of him! Thank you for those awesome words of encouragement and thank you so much for sharing the blogs on your page! I’m still awaiting the opportunity to do something with you in the future. Just let me know. We’re kind of in the same industry:)! And just know, I’m so very proud of you as well. You saw your dream and you went “After” it! I love it! And Good Luck and God Bless with everything you’re pursuing! Love you Lots!

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