Our 700 Club Debut, telling how “Divorce Saved Our Marriage”!

When the love, admiration and “respect” in a marriage begin to erode and each person finds themselves with their hands tied, divorce seems like the only option. Well, if you’ve ever been down that road or danced on the edge of making that decision, take a moment and listen to our story. The only difference between my and my husband’s situation and as heartbreaking as it was, is that we went through with the divorce.  However, our goal is to not have other couples go down that same road. Take a moment, sit back and watch our story! We hope it truly blesses and inspires those of you who are entertaining divorce or those of you who are simply going through a tough time in your marriage. It’s an inspirational story that puts God smack dead in the middle of your relationship/marriage.  We pray it blesses you! Herman and April.


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